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Kreative Kidz Babysitting Agency

We Play. We Learn. We Grow. 


Kreative Kidz takes care of some very precious people. We help build a strong foundation through education, creativity, and understanding for the young minds of the future.

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Preschoolers & Older

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People W/Disabilities

We Accept All Ages!

Need A Babysitter?

Kreative Kidz Babysitting Agency is an agency created for parents, by parents. Our service and babysitters set us apart. We guaranteed the enjoyment of our clients and their families as well as our babysitters to ensure that every client's experience with kreative Kidz exceeds their expectations.

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Our Process

At Kreative Kidz, our process is to match the best sitter with the unique needs of your family. We provide sitters that are always available rather it be day or night for as many hours as you request. Our staff are experienced, professional & are ready to handle your loved one with amazing care.

What Parents Think

“Kreative Kidz was extremely professional, knowledgeable, polite, and caring. As a concerned mom, I felt confident after speaking to the staffing agency that they had the best interest of my son Matt.
The agency was attentive about my concerns and assured me that he would be placed in the best quality care, and he was!
I'm pleased with my decision to select Kreative Kidz!"

D. Dee

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